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Twist on Tradition Sets the Tone for Season’s Jewelry Trends

“This year it’s almost as if your jewelry is your wardrobe and your clothing the accessory.”

As an LA-based jewelry designer, I stay true to my South African roots which was evident in my recent sit down with South African Fashion magazine “Hyde Park.”

We discussed the latest trends in jewelry, and one thing of note is that larger pieces that are taking center stage, their visual impact enhanced by strong gemstones. Tones of black and grey from onyx, black diamonds, black tourmaline and smoky quartz; natural hues represented in deep sapphire, jade, peridot and amber; and magical rose quartz create the palette for extraordinary creations from jewelry houses, most notably Austrian crystal company Swarovski.

I love how these materials interact, and I have introduced black iridium plating that pairs well with black gemstones in shades of smoky quartz as well as black diamonds. This lends itself to the punk era that is seeing a resurgence in fashion.

“This year it’s almost as if your jewelry is your wardrobe and your clothing the accessory”

There is also a hark back to boho-style layering, a refreshing, summery trend seen in the combination of beading, ribbons and fine chains worn on the wrist (and rings on every finger), which has progressed to a more genteel city-dressing style with the wearing of multiple fine necklaces that are rarely removed.

Shoulder-dusting earrings (so effective when worn with off-the-shoulder dresses and tops) and embellished chokers made a grand appearance on the runways, but these conversation-starting pieces are usually toned down for the mainstream, while a literal stance on the trend is left for the adventurous. A thin suede cord tied around in the middle of the neck is what you’re more likely to see.

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